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ScreenshotFast ROI from immediate productivity gains. Improved tools with better usability, and new GPU-accelerated 2D graphic performance.

When you are concentrating on your CAD project design, we understand the last thing you want is to be disrupted by having to wait for slow display regeneration thus ruining your concentration. Enjoy uninterrupted smooth display navigation with DoubleCAD XT Pro and the continuous fluid workflow it can provide.


Fast GPU-Accelerated wireframe rendering *

  • Zoom and pan up to 60 times faster! The speed increases in 2D navigation are dramatically better (requires a supported GPU-based graphics card).
  • We've included technology from Redway3D® that provides a GPU-accelerated 2D and wireframe display mode. Your your larger files will pan and scroll smoothly. Zooming in and out is dramatically faster on larger files.
  • Handle larger drawing files with ease. With the speed increases offered by the GPU-accelerated wireframe mode, DoubleCAD XT Pro v3 now supports working with larger models than previous versions.

*Supported graphics accelerators include:

NVIDIA® Quadro FX 1000 & up
NVIDIA® Quadro NVS series
NVIDIA® GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9
NVIDIA® GTX series
AMD-ATI Radeon 9500 & up
AMD-ATI Radeon X, HD 2000 & up
AMD-ATI FireGL V 3000 & up
AMD-ATI FirePro series
INTEL® Integrated graphics series: GMA 3000, GMA X3000, GMA 4000 (GMA = Graphics Media Accelerator)

Redsdk runs in CPU mode with all rendering features available when no graphics accelerator is available.